SSD SMART data - OCZ Vertex 2


May 3, 2005
Hi Guys,

While troubleshooting a bluescreening PC, I ran a SMART utility against my 3+ year old OCZ 2 Vertex SSD (120GB). It's served me well enough over these past years, and I think I've pretty much eliminated it from consideration as the cause of the blue screen after analyzing the memory dump / stop codes, but I saw some SMART numbers that concerned me. Here are the screenshots:

What do you think, is the drive dying? The bytes written number looks relatively low (8TB?), so I'm not sure if the worse looking values are really as bad as they seem. The unrecoverable ECC numbers look high but I'm not sure what 'normal' should be.

Couple of other things - I've never had less than 30GB free on this drive, and I did run the OCZ toolbox which reported pretty much the same thing as this SMART utility. I do have a recent Windows backup, just in case, but I was hoping to ride out this PC until I got a new Haswell-E mobo with real SATA 6Gbit to replace this one.


[H]F Junkie
Nov 19, 2008
Looks fine to me. You have 100% life left in the SSD.

Although I do not believe using SMART will be a good predictor of when the controller will fail or when the firmware will hit a bug.