Sony 2021 TV Lineup

Jul 29, 2004
Sony released details on their 2021 TV Lineup. Few sites I found with details:

What Hi-Fi


What I personally find interesting is the 43" model (KD-43X85J). This is down in the "cheap seats" in their lineup so it's edge lit, not full array dimming. HDR performance may at least be better than the "HDR" 400 monitors that are being released. Plus these sets have HDMI 2.1 with support for VRR/ALLM.

Strange that the native refresh rate of the panel is 100hz and not 120hz but definitely a step in the right direction and may be good enough, especially when driving 4K. 100hz is at least enough for Windows to feel more smooth over 60 and gaming should feel pretty good given VRR. The current 43" Sony model (XBR43X800H) is ~$600 so this could be a half way decent value proposition if pricing remains relatively close.

Could be an option for those that can't quite fit a 48" (OLED) but could squeeze this in. Or those that don't want to worry about possible burn in.

Lot of info still needed of course. Input lag, panel responsiveness, etc. It's a TV and could use PWM dimming for the backlight also so that's a possible concern as well, at least for me.


Limp Gawd
Aug 22, 2004
No 48" OLED from them this year by the looks of that. Maybe LG decided to horde all the 48" panels for themselves.