some noob questions within


Nov 11, 2005
Well, yeah.... so, this is pretty much my first post in this subforum and I can honestly say that im not too well rounded when it comes to display technology, for the most part.

I currently have an older 2407wfp and two acer 21" TN panels, but im really considering some other options. Dual or triple monitors have always been part of my setup so thats not going to change but more of orientation and size.

some info:

I dont game that much, but eyefinity is the kind of eyecandy I like but it by far not a requirement.(I currently have a GTX285, so surround would be my only option anyways)

More workspace is key, I generally have tons of windows open so having a large workable area is a must and the motivation for the changes.

I guess what im looking for are opinions or suggestions:

Option 1: 2x ASUS VE276Q in landscape
Option 2: 3x ASUS VE276Q in portrait(landscape maybe as well)

I should probably say that the price of the VE27 is at the top of the price range that I would like to spend.

Has anyone seen the VE27 vertically mounted? It seems that the viewing angles are very good for a TN panel but I havne't really seen anyone post pictures or vertical panels and/or subjecting criticism.

If I were to keep my 2407 and buy 2 new monitors an wanted to vertically mount them, best options?