some advice on cooling for 9590


Oct 12, 2005
i need to do a new rig, and am thinking of getting the 9590, but i have never done water cooling, so i am thinking of getting just the bare cpu and a HSF combo, This Zalman being the lead contender. I am NOT going to overclock, just want to run at stock speeds, this would be much more than my current dual core 3Ghz, would it be ok to run that cpu with a heatsonk fan instead of a H2O rig? thanks for the advice ahead of time
If this is for gaming just get an i5 and use the stock cooler. The i5 will be cheaper (considering that you do not need to buy a new HSF), use 1/2 the power and the i5 will be faster in nearly all games.
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It would be really a bad purchase choice if you're getting a new mobo + that cpu + new cooler, because you could buy a i5 as the above person said and wont need extra cooling.
It will be faster for games too.
But i don't know if you are actually going to need the 8 cores for other stuff though, but no one here will recommend you to spend extra on a worse performing product if it is strictly gaming / basic desktop use. (unless you already have a compatible nice mobo for that 9590)
If you do plan on sticking with AMD I wouldn't get the 9590, pick something out of the regular 8xxx series and a good air cooler like the NH-D15. The 9590 gets way too hot for typical users
it is primarily for gaming, surfing, general stuff, i guess i will take another look at Intels, thanks