Solutions for connecting separate bluetooth microphone and BT earpiece to android

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    Apr 4, 2018
    I am interested in doing interviews for live streaming and was trying to figure out a solution in which I could hear alerts via a bluetooth earpiece connected to my phone but also have the freedom to have a standalone microphone that I could carry and conduct interviews with that would pick up audio to be sent to the phone. The unfortunate problem I have is that I believe they both would take over the media profile of the phone's bluetooth. Another potential issue is that most earpieces that I've found come with a built in microphone, which I am worried would create an echo effect if used in conjunction with a standalone mic. I am trying to figure out a solution in which this is possible on a Pixel 2, which does not have a headphone jack. I know a headphone jack would be the solution here but I am currently limited to that phone at this time.

    Some hardware solutions that I think MIGHT work but I am unfamiliar with, that don't involve me using another phone or tablet, are: which I thought might work with just one? Not sure...

    The other option is using TWO of these: I'd run one in receiver mode and one in transmitter and connect them both together via aux, then have my phone connect to the receiver and earpiece / mic connect to transmitter. I am worried it would not work to pick up the mic though.

    I am unsure if either of those solutions would work or if there is a software solution that would allow me to have multiple multimedia profiles running simultaneously. I also would VERY much want the audio to be low latency so that there isn't any [obvious] lag in lip-sync.

    Thank you guys for any input!
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    I have a smartwatch that buzzes me on every notification despite turning my DND mode on the phone. Perhaps hooking up bluetooth earpiece to the watch?!?
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    Mar 4, 2010
    a little different approach but how about something separate all together for the notifications. I had the original Mi Band fitness tracker just for the notifications as it would vibrate & flash according to how I set it for whatever notifications I set up. I am not sure how the newer version is, but I would only have to charge about once a month on the original.