Silverstone GD09


Sep 8, 2007

I've found the one I'm looking for:

It seems to have more space than the Fractal Node 605 which I'd been thinking of getting.

The only problem is that it doesn't seem to be released yet. Any ideas when it will come out?

Any user experience with Silverstone? (I've only used Antec and Fractal for the last 15 years.)

This will be my first HTPC. I'll be using my spare rig and putting it into a new box. FX8350, AMD graphics. HD6850 right now. Stop laughing. It was a stopgap purchase! I'm thinking of an R9 290 to put into it. However, that's overkill: it will drive a 1080p screen. A bit of gaming, some streaming, some audio. And some surfing... Windows7/64.

Release date???

There was a lot of buzz speculation about the Silverstone Raven RV05 and Fortress FT05 when they were shown along with the new GD09, GD10, and RVZ-01, and ML07. Search for the case model then "release date" in Google to find more speculation...the RV05 and FT05 seemed to have the most buzz right now. At that time it was speculated all the cases they showed at CES in January would be released at Computex in June. The only exception was the RVZ-01, which they released a few months ago.

At this point, June is the only guess I have heard. It's also speculation, so take it for what its worth. It is now showing up on the Silverstone site, so it must bee soon. The case wasn't listed a couple weeks ago last time I checked.
Any chance of cleaner front or a version without the optical drive?

Impressive case .. Considering this can fit even an eatx board.