Shadowspawns SG-01e Project


Sep 17, 2002
I haven't come up with a name for it but here is what I have planned:

- Watercooled
- 4 120mm fans
- Motorized Iris fan covers
- Clean appearance with all buttons removed and hidden
- Primary colors: White with black and red highlights. No blacklight crap.
- A lady from will grace the top - possibly motorized.


Alphacool OTC-Flat Low Profile - nVidia GeForce 8800GTS VGA Block
Danger Den Black Ice Micro Dual 80mm Radiator (Black) w/ Customizable Fittings
Thermalright XWB-1 CPU Water Block - Sockets 775/939/AM2 (XWB-1)
Danger Den Fillport - Black
Danger Den Delrin T-Fitting
3/8" ID Koolance Compression Nozzles
Feser Tube Active UV Hose - 3/8" ID (1/2"OD) Anti-Kink Tubing - UV Red
---Why is it that I can't find normal red tubing? Just bitching. This is a good red, I just don't like UV reactive stuff.

Completed so far:

- Initial design on Sketchup completed and all components ordered
- Watercooling and fans fully installed and operational
- Replaced motherboard and processor due to blown caps on motherboard (not mod related)

My Sketchup design is trapped on my old hard drive thanks to Vistas wonderful file security. Until I complete the setup of my Raid 0 drives I won't be able to retrieve the drawings. I will throw them up sometime within the next couple of days.

I have completed much of the internal work. Most of what remains is all of the external pretty work - nothing that makes the system run.

Please be nice; I am working on this system while here in Iraq so I do not have access to many of my normal tools. I have ordered a Dremel and have access to some basic tools as well as some basic tools that I have locally purchased (screwdrivers, etc). There will be no painting in this mod. The conditions here are too nasty to achieve a good finish. Instead I have ordered several aluminum panels from and will rely on their finish for the look of the case.

I have been here for three years and am starting to go a bit insane so I have started this project to help me relax during my final year. I hope to have it completed in time for me to board a plane on the 22nd for a vacation during which my son and I plan on going to Quakecon.

Anyway, on to the mod.

A shot of laying out the cutting lines on the internal frame of the case. There will be two 120mm fans and one slot load DVD drive poking through this front panel.


This is how the components will sit in the front of the case. They aren't mounted in this picture - I was just trying to figure out the best design. The center hard drive mount is the one that came with the case. I have shortened it and flipped it around 180 degrees. It will hold my RAID 0 drives and the radiator will be mounted to the top. You can see the pump on the far right.


Same shot with the fans in place. Just more planning. I shortened the hard drive mount to allow for as much air flow as possible.


Front fans mounted with close ups of the mounts for the fans and DVD drive. All aluminum comes from the scrapped pieces of the original case. Pop rivets will be used where possible.




Final mounting for the DVD and front fans.


Shots of the pump mounting. I love the pump, hate the mount. Its not designed to hold the pump on its own. If the case is moved it has a real chance of slipping off of its mount, thus the need for the zip tie. I'm not very happy about it and will probably come up with a better aluminum mount at a later date.



The radiator and the HDD rack will be mounted using silencers. These drives tend to make some noise so I am trying to isolate them as much as possible.


It was around this point that I realized my old motherboard had two blown capacitors. I don't know when they blew and I suspect they have been blown for awhile but I am not willing to risk anymore hardware.

I ordered the following:

Athlon 64 X2 5000+ Black edition.
4 Gigs of RAM (F2-6400CL5D-2GBNQ )

Back to the mod; I needed a good place to mount the T-block for the fill tube so I built this bracket:


One bend later it is now mounted via the HDD screws.


Another setback. The Alphacool waterblock does not match my video card. One chip has a gap between it and the block. I have emailed FrozenCPU about the problem but I have noticed that they have dropped the block from their lineup. I wonder if others have seen this issue. For now I have placed a sliver of aluminum between the chip and block. It makes good contact with the chip and block so I don't believe it will be a major issue but I shouldn't have had to do this.

Old stock air cooler:


Raised portion of old cooler that touched the chip:


New cooler. Notice a lack of a raised portion on the far right side:


Mounting the cooler:




See the gap?


Here is a shot of the water block in place:


The fan controller will face out the back of the case.

The back panel will be cleaned up with some black and white anodized aluminum at a later date.



Thats all for now. I have much more completed but thats all I have pictures of. Let me know what you think.


Sep 17, 2002
Well, I'm not looking for massive cooling performance and I am limited by the case. I also want to keep everything internal. The point of this mod is to be a very clean design. I just completed the shroud and am using dual 120 mm fans to pull air through the radiator so I believe my cooling performance will be decent.

Right? This is my first watercooled system as well as my first mod so my pride is not so great as to not accept advice.


Mar 14, 2008
Oh noez not millipede tubing :D

At least with the 160 rad you will have an easy time installing it. A 240 does require some modding which might be bad to some people.


Sep 21, 2003
That little dual 80 performs well, it just requires good airflow to extract full potential. Good airflow + 80mm fans = noise.


Mar 16, 2008
I'm using that pump also and I've found that velcro with the sticky stuff on the back worked pretty well keeping mine in place.


Sep 17, 2002
I've used the system all weekend and am very happy with the cooling - even the improper video cooler. The system is nearly silent but cools very well. I can't even tell the pump is running unless I put my hands on it. At idle the cpu temperature is at or within a couple degrees of the system temperature. When running SuperPI the temperature reaches 39 or 40 degrees celsius. I'm happy with that. The GPU runs at 50 degrees celsius which appears to be normal for this model. I ran Call of Duty 4 and Rainbow Six Vegas for several hours and never saw a hiccup.

Does anybody have a recommendation for free software that will record system temperatures in the background while I'm running other tasks?

I was able to retrieve my Sketchup files. Here are the pictures from the design phase of this mod. I was able to stay faithful to the design so far. I did not create the models used in this design. They were all obtained from




I plan on incorporating this drawing into the design although I haven't worked out the details yet.