Sff Rocks


Jan 11, 2004
Small form factor liek shuttles is so damn cool, i wish i had money for one. And i got first post whee!
n64man120 said:
Small form factor liek shuttles is so damn cool, i wish i had money for one. And i got first post whee!
Ya, they are nice.
I got one for my kids ;)
yup, I use to have a Lian Li PC75 that occupied like 25% of my desk space but those days are long gone ever since I jumped on the SFF bandwagon.

I love my Shuttle SB75G2. she's quiet but yet very powerfull (2.8C @ 3.4Ghz). what more could one ask for?

I like it since i have to move often. (Approximately once every 4 months) Combined with an LCD, it makes moving much easier than with a tower. Plus its more powerful than a laptop.
I like mine to. Only negative is the PSU noice. If I would buy one today I would buy the Zen model with fanless PSU coz I dont play games to often and dont really need an AGP slot.

Anyway I have a super silent Micro-ATX 200w PSU externally connected to my shuttle now together with a 80 mm fan running at 1% with speedfan and fanless Radeon9600. Im happy for now :)
I always wanted on :(
Need the moniez first to get one.

But its on my to do list in the future
I'll never build another full tower box again. Not looking forward to schlepping all the monstrosities I have lying about when I move next month. The SFF is the win! :cool:
me either. After building mine, I wondered why I ever had a full tower. Now i've convinced six friends to build them (all SB75G2s) and they're all happy converts.

If it doesn't fit 2 hds then it's not for me. After a couple of hd failures I don't feel comfortable running anything less than RAID1.
pretty much EVERY sff i've seen fits two (or three without optical, or four if you mod). Plus extensive support for usb2.0 drives ($30 more then normal harddrives if you're smart).

You really cant stealth it with the G4 cases, unless you want to put that ugly plastic drive bay cover on top.
yea plus i don't got room to push the drive back farther cause of the fan.....

i really don't think the front of the case is that bad...
Im building one for my new amd64 system

They look pretty sharp, but I think its worth it. Doesn't add as much to a system as having a tft/lcd screen.
dotZIP said:
u guys seen the g5's yet? they're so beautiful!

Some pics make it looks amazing, and some pics make it look like one of the ugliest cases they've come out with.