Seventeen or Bust Installation Guide


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Jan 29, 2006
This first part is for installing SOB on a Windows host.

First, you need to go to the website and register an account. Go to:

Create a user name and fill in your Real name if you want credit for finding anything. Then enter the email address and click Create Account.

Next, log into your new account and verify everything looks correct and changing preferences as you see fit. You will find the option for adding your team under Preferences. We use [H]ard|OCP at this project

Once done setting your preferences and adding your team, you should be ready to download the client. Simply click Download and choose your flavor. In this example, I'm using Windows.

Extract the files to a folder that you create. The program won't actually install anything, so make sure you remember where you put these files

Once the files are extracted, open prime.txt with Notepad.

Change louie to your user name that you created when you set up your account and save the file.

Now, launch the prime95.exe file and it should look something like this on an i5 quad core with no HT.

You can also change various settings within the client. I note this specific setting because it helps the client identify the amount of time to estimate the client to be active. This is a very conservative setting in the picture.


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Oct 29, 2012
Daytime and Nighttime P-1/ECM stage 2 memory is Total Memory used by prime95 not for each worker, So set it up to available free memory on the Computer.

Prime95 runs much faster on Intel than AMD....

On Intel you don't need to disable HT, you can just assigned Worker Affinity to each Odd Core and it will achieve the same performance...
(22-26ms/iter on i7-4770s)

Smart Assignment of Affinity doesn't seem to work...
So In Test -> Worker Windows, Select each worker number and then the Core you want it to run on... (or edit local.txt)
Otherwise it will just assign the thread to run on any cpu, which has poor performance (AMD 138ms per iteration vs 70ms (well on Bulldozer))

With Bulldozer, it seems better to run a worker on every Odd Core (45ms per iter) and set CPU to MultiThread to 2 so it has a helper thread on the Same FPU core (35ms per iter)
so For 12 Workers on 24 cores...
So select worker Number ALL, and Cpu to use to 2,
select worker 1, CPU Affinity 1
select worker 2, CPU Affinity 3
select worker 3, CPU Affinity 5
select worker 11, CPU Affinity 21
select worker 12, CPU Affinity 23​

It also seems to have a problem assigning thread affinity to more than 12 Cores. In that case make a second copy of prime95 directory/program and set it up to run on the next set of cores.

Some Installation Instruction for Linux (Mprime)
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