Set network device priority in Windows 7


Jul 1, 2005
I have a laptop with an Ethernet adapter and two wireless adapters - one external a/b/g, and one internal b/g. All three are connected to the same university network. Windows, however, insists on using the built-in b/g for network traffic, even though the wired connection has better ping times. I would like to know how to change the priority of network devices so my computer will act as follows:

-Is Ethernet plugged in?
-If yes, use Ethernet. If no, is a/b/g present?
-If yes, use a/b/g. Else, use b/g.

I can't find any options that allow me to choose which network adapter to use for traffic when multiple are present and connected.

Anyone? I can't believe no one has ever encountered this issue before.
1. Click the Start Button
2. Right Click "Network" and then left Click Properties
3. From the "Network And Sharing Center" window click "Change Adapter Settings"
4. On the "Network Connections" window, press the ALT key on your keyboard to being up the menu bar
5. Click the "Advanced" menu and then "Advanced Settings"
6. In the "Advanced Settings" window you will see the "Adapters and Bindings" tab and under "Connections" you will see the order they are in, you can use the arrows to the side to move the connection priority up and down.

It will still connect all 3, unless you tell it to disable them....but at least traffic will go over the ethernet port first (when connected)