Sennheiser HD598 $95.00 - Amazon

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Can't decide whether to get the M50x or this, or both.

So this is good for home usage (not the bus, train, airplane, on the go)?

And the M50x is good for traveling uses?
If you're only gonna be around the house, and don't need the noise isolation of a closed headphone, I'd buy the hd598 over the Audio Technica m50x in a heartbeat (I also own the m50x). The hd598 are far more comfortable, and imo open headphones just sound a helluva lot better than closed designs. If instead, say, you're trying to enjoy your games/music/whatever in the same room as someone else watching tv, or noisy kids in a nearby room, you'll probably prefer the m50x or some IEM/canalphones. ymmv. Despite owning several IEMs and appreciating their high level of detail, I rarely use them except at the gym. Not a fan of the "in-your-head" sound.

I don't know that I'd call the ath-m50x particularly good on-the-go headphones to wear while you're walking down the street, but they're better at portability than the hd598 which are terrible. The 598 aren't tightly clamped to the head which is a large part of what makes them so comfortable.

Bit. First pair of decent headphones ever, never fancied myself as an audiophile and I don't really own high quality equipment justifying top tier cans, but at this price why not.
Your ears will thank you. I'd highly recommend ditching onboard audio and pairing these with a decent sound card. There are sales every 2 months or so on Asus Xonars for $20-40. It's not required, but it'll make a difference unless all you listen to are mp3s. Even a lot of games sound better with a good sound card.

These cans are good enough that with better quality recordings, you should be able to notice the difference between even high-bitrate mp3s and CD/lossless sound. Not easy to spot versus high-bitrate mp3s when the music isn't very complex, but I can absolutely tell when listening to something acoustic like mtv unplugged recordings, classical, or very complex rock with each instrument hitting detailed passages all at once. It's also very noticeable when listening to trance/electro/d&b when the bass is gong bonkers with a rapid succession of fast, low notes.

Coconubboy, what other headphones do you have?
I split my listening pretty evenly between speakers, headphones and car, with each having their strengths. Love the car for cabin gain and massive bass, headphones make it easy to spot details, speakers are best for an overall natural sound. My headphone collection changes over time as I swap with friends, but mainstays include hd600, hd595, audio technica ath-m50x, beyerdynamic dt770 (250 ohm), dt880, grado sr80, sr225, a few pairs of sony studio headphones mainly used for mixing/mastering, ultimate ears triple-fi 10 IEM, 2 pairs of shure IEMs (forget the models since my gf frequently "borrows" one and the others are only used at the gym), some Denon closed cans, and other assorted stuff.
I'm looking forward to getting mine tomorrow.
Should be a big change from my Lawton modded Denon D2000's.
All who purchased, lets take this to the computer audio sub forum for any discussion.
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