Selling off my cd collection


Mar 23, 2006
What we have here is my whole cd collection that I"ve been collecting for several years. Most cds have no/ minimal scratches. If there are any exceptions I will note it next to the title. All prices include shipping. The only feedback I have is my Ebay account (the name is Dreaminawake45). I wanted to try selling them here before Ebay to reduce my fees. I would rather have cash, check, or money order but I will accept PayPal.

Marilyn Manson
1. Get Your Gunn- single
2. The fight song part 1- single
3. The fight song part 2- single
4. Lunchbox- single
5. I don't like the drugs but the drugs like me- single
6. The disposable teens- single
7. Portrait of an american family
8. Smells like children
9. Antichrist superstar- one small scratch that doesn't cause me any problems
10. Mechanical animals- has swirl marks from being cleaned but plays fine on my players
11. Holywood

The price for the Marilyn Manson collection is $55 (as said before this includes shipping)

1. Bleach
2. Nevermind
3. Incesticide
4. In utero
5. Unplugged in New York- light scratches
6. Self titled- the cd with "you know you're right"- light scratches

The Nirvana collection is $32.

1. Broken
2. Fixed
3. The downward spiral- not in the original packaging (in regular jewel case now)
4. The fragile
5. With teeth- light scratches

The NIN collection is $25.

1. Youthanasia- will need cleaned
2. Greatest Hits
3. Rust in peace
4. Countdown to extinction- remixed and remastered

The Megadeath collection is $20.

Kid Rock
1. Devil without a cause
2. Cocky
3. The history of rock
4. Live trucker

The Kid Rock collection is $15.

1. Six ten stone
2. Razorblade suitcase
3. The science of things

The Bush collection is $9.
1. Issues- 2 medium scratches, plays fine, "halfpint" written in marker on cd
2. Korn- "halfpint" written on disc
3. Take a look in the mirror
4. See you on the other side (edited)

The Korn collection is $15.

Type O Negative
1. World coming down
2. The least worst of
3. Life is killing me- needs to be cleaned

The Type O Negative collection is $10.
Smashing Pumpkins
1. Siamese Dream
2. Adore- could use a cleaning
3. Meloncholy and the infinite sadness

Smashing pumpkins collection is $10.50.

Fear Factory
1. Archetype
2. Transgression
3. Demanufacture and Remanufacture (set)

Fear Factory collection is $10.

1. Prophecy
2. Primitive Digipack

Soulfly collection is $7.

Green Day
1. Dookie
2. Nimrod
3. American Idiot

Green day collection is $9.

1. Iowa- will need cleaned
2. 9.0 Live

Slipknot collection is $7.

ountry CDS:
Set 1: $6.50
Blake Shelton- Self titled
Blake Shelton- The Dreamer

Set 2: $16
Garth Brooks 5 disc limited series box set

Set 3: $6.50
Montgomery Gentry- My town
Montgomery Gentry- Tattoos and Scars

Set 4: $6.50
Brooks and Dunn- Waitin on sundown
Brooks and Dunn- Steers and stripes

Set 5: $5.50
Clint Black- Nothing but the taillights
Clint Black- Delectrified

Set 6: $8
Big and Rich: Horse of a different color
Big and Rich: Coming to your city

Set 7: $5
Reba McIntyre- It's your call
Reba Mcintyre- Read my mind

Waylon- Dreaming my dreams- rare disc- $8

Dixie Chicks- Home Digipack cd and dvd- $5

Brad Paisley- Part 2- $5

Patsy Cline- Sings songs of love- $5

Alan Jackson- Who I am- $5

Tim McGraw- Everywhere- $5

Collin Raye- I think about you- $5

Lonestar- Greatest Hits- $5

Rascal Flats- Melt- $5

Gretchen Wilson- Here for the party- $5

Travis Tritt- Down the road I go-$5
All single discs listed above are negotiable except for Waylon Jennings.

Metallica: $11
Self- titled
Saint Anger w/ limited edition dvd
Garage Inc.- swirl marks from cleaning but play fine

Cradle of filth: $9
Damnation in a day
Nymphetamine- 2 disc limited edition digipack set

Uncle Kracker: $6
No stranger to shame
Double wide

Rush- $6.25
Fly by night
The spirit of the radio- no paperwork

Godsmack- $6

Creed: $6.25
My own prison
Human Clay

No Doubt: $5.25
Rock steady
Tragic Kingdom

Pearl Jam- $6

Opeth:$7- bonus track editions
Orchid- will need cleaned
Morning rise

Guns n roses: $6.50
Use your illusion 1
The spaghetti incident
Soundgarden: $7
Down on the upside

Bride: $5.25
Scarecrow Messiah
Snakes in the playground

Collective Soul: $9
Disciplined Breakdown
Seven year itch

Papa Roach: $6.25
Getting away with murder

The following cds are all $5 unless otherwise noted:

Ozzfest Summer sampler 2004 unopened
Him- Dark light
Days of the new-2
Cold- 13 ways to bleed on stage
Rob Zombie- Past present and future- digipack cd and dvd- $8
DC Talk- Jesus Freak
Cinderella- Once upon a
Kill switch engage- As daylight dies- with live bonus cd- $7
Phil Collins- Greatest hits
Eminem- Encore- with bonus cd- $7
Rusted Root- When I woke- could use a cleaning
POD- Satellite
Ugly Kid Joe- America's Least Wanted- banned cover- $8
Charlie Daniels Band- Fire on the mountain
Adam Sandler- They're gonna laugh at you
Primer 55- The hard and the heavy Vol. 1- $6
Motograter- $6
Aerosmith- Honkin on bobo
Limp Bizkit- Chocolate starfish and the hot dog flavored water
Danzig- I. Luciferi
Cake- Prolong the magic
Queens of the stone age- songs for the deaf- cd/ dvd $8
The union underground- an education in rebellion
Wasp- the headless children
Sum41- All killer no filler
Diocide- Legion
Blink 182- take off your pants and jacket
Shine down- Leave a whisper
Chevelle- Wonder what's next
Good Charlotte- The chronicles of life and death
Tantric- self titled
Journey- Greatest Hits
Hinder- Extreme Behavior
Sugartooth- self titled
Alice in chains- Dirt
Disturbed- The sickness
Savage Garden- Affirmation
Breaking Benjamin- We are not alone
Red hot chili peppers- Californication
Stone temple pilots- No. 4
Social Distortion- self titled
Jerry Cantrell- Doggy depot
The presidents of the us. Of a. - self titled
Skidrow- self titled
Tracy Chapman- new beginning
Jimmy Buffet – son of a son of a sailor
Candlebox- Lucky
Pillar- Above
Foo Fighters- self titled
White Zombie Presents- Super sexy swingin' sounds
Ten years- the autumn effect
Live- Secret Samadhi
Vanilla Ice- Hard to swallow
Shadows Fall- War within- cd and dvd- $6.75
Mastadon- Blood mountain- cd and dvd- $7
Linkin Park- Meteora- $6
Tool- ten thousand days- $7
Slayer- Divine intervention- autographed by Kerry King on cd and his picture- cd could use a cleaning, haven't done that after it was autographed- $10
Stained- Break the cycle- $6.25
Ozzy Osbourne- Black rain- $7

Mudvayne (set): $25
The beginning of all things to end (normal cd)
The end of all things to come – these are cds w/ dvd audio and cds or dual discs
Lost and found- these are cds w/ dvd audio and cds or dual discs

Bjork- Debut- cd on one side, dvd audio on other, has 5.1 surround sound and dts sound- $8

Lamb of God (set): $11
New american gospel (normal cd)
Ashes of the wake- cd/ dvd audio

Bruce Springsteen- We shall overcome- the Seeger Sessions; cd/ dvd audio- $8
Good luck =p I know just how hard it is to sell used cds in the digital age.