Seems NVidia is under no real pressure atm...


Apr 13, 2005

Apparently they've made so much money in Q3 that there is no alternative than to call them an unqualified success story. We here on the ground, lamenting a supply shortage (read 'practically never existed') does not seem like something NVidia is worried about - rather it simply signals that they will enjoy strong demand for their 7nm stock (once fielded and given a fancy moniker like 'ti') and remaining 8nm.

High, frustrated demand is not a problem for any manufacturer; it simply says to them they'll get paid as fast as they can throw stuff out the door. With AMD not managing to satisfy the pent up demand, and the recent reviews showing that 3080 is still the 4k king... They have the time and luxury to keep shareholders happy by making sure Q4 2020, Q1 and Q2 2021 remain profitable.

There's literally no hurry over there.

EDIT: the only thing that might get them going is AMD hitting the shelves in large numbers... and we need to wait to see what's going to happen with the AIBs during the next two weeks or so.