Seasonic Focus Plus 80+ Gold 850w; will i have any problem?


Aug 14, 2018
Hi, i bought this unit and my question is if i'm going to be ok using it with my EVGA GTX 1070ti SC Black because of the problem this unit has with some Nvidia and AMD cards. The other thing i noticed is that sometimes, the PSU, gets 'warmer' than other PSU's that i owned (for example XFX XTR 650w, Antec HCG 650w), is that ok? Sorry for my ignorance, hehe! Thank you in advance.

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Aug 14, 2010
Hello Leo,

Thanks for your message.

Issue with some GPU's are specific to only few models (you have already contacted us about this if I'm not wrong ;) ) and it will be OK with your 1070Ti. No worry to have. Any question, please do not hesitate to contact us like you already did and we will gladly assist you.

Thank you.
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As for the warmer temps, so long as they are within the rated temp range, it will be fine, however have you checked what setting the cooling system is in? it has a button on the back that changes the cooling profile, make sure it is set to "cooling mode", for best temps.