SD cannot open file system: "volume not accessible parameter is incorrect"


Nov 18, 2004
Windows did an update and seemed to have tried repairing this drive and the next day now Windows assigns a drive letter but cannot read any of the contents.

Oddly when I do a chkdsk /f /r /x

Do you guys have any solutions or guidance? It seems when it rank CHKDSK
it did a
"Deleting Index Entry"

in Samsung Magician it says "Volume Cannot be Found"

I know this SSD had my older saved windows on it but I had some really important information on it and I have a feeling that the drive is not dead it just got linked incorrectly or maybe by accident it got defragremented by accident.

Would love any help


Limp Gawd
Aug 22, 2007
Don't do anything else yet! The first thing you should do (if you have important data on the drive) is scan it with a utility that will find and recover files. If you do this now then you won't risk losing any more data than may already be lost. Easeus has a program to do this but there are many out there.

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