scratched disk/install


Oct 17, 2007
So I was playing mw2 and I heard a horrible noise come from the 360. I Pulled out the disk and it had a circular scratch on it. My 360 recognizes the game from the dashboard, automatically starts when I put it in, and I can select it when at the dashboard otherwise. After about 10 seconds I get "The disc is unreadable." When I try to install the game to my HD it tells me the disc is unreadable once its gets a few % through. I'm wondering if I borrow it from a friend or rent the game and install it then use my scratched cd if it will work. Has anyone tried this before?


Supreme [H]ardness
Dec 9, 2005
It should work fine if you borrow or rent the game to install since they are all the same. When you install a game and then play it all it will do is check to make sure the disc is in the tray. If the dashboard recognizes it then it should be fine.

Whenever I've had to fix scratched discs all I do is wash it off with water and wipe it dry then put a thin spread of some non-whitening toothpaste on it (I use some kids blue colored Crest) then let it sit for 5 minutes minutes and then rinse/wipe it off. I don't know how this works but I was told by someone to do it a long time ago and it has worked wonders to my scratched discs ever since.

Same thing happened to me with COD4 and I did the toothpaste trick and it installed just fine.