scary monitor


Sep 5, 2001
bought for one dollar at the church rummage sale

The old addage kicks in "You get what you pay for"

Save your pennies and get a new one.
i am saving my pennies (literally) for a new one but should i not use this one in the meantime?
Monitors contain high voltages. I would not mess with it to much especially if it's defective.
Hell where you located I got a crappy dim 17 inch monitor that sounds better off than yours. Its yours for free come and get it. Cripes you should have bought a ATI 9700 pro and used the extra 100 plus savings to get a budget 19 inch.
Hey i live in eastern Minnesota, road trip? and i got the card for christmas from my mam.
I was gonna ask why the hell you had a crap monitor on that card. now i know. lol

Alternatively seek out a local computer store that carries all those junk bits. You can usually pick up a 17" monitor that works (wow!) from anywhere between $30 and $60 depending where you are. Perhaps more or less.

It aint likely to blow your card up but I don't want to think about what that monitor is doing to your eyes.
i dont think its possible for the monitor to do anything bad to your videocard through the vga cable. might want to spring for the 5 dollar model at the rummage sale next time though. j/k :cool:
This is actually 1 of 5 different monitors that i bought that day for 1 dollar. Others were AOC, compaq, Acer, etc. I gave them all to friends and i have no idea what their condition is now. I am actually saving 248 dollars to buy one of those 19" NEC FE990 BKs but still need some more cash.