SC2 update causing low GPU usage and FPS?


Limp Gawd
Oct 5, 2009
My system (i7 @ 4GHz and GTX470 SLI) has always been stellar for SC2 under all conditions (Ultra at 1920x1200) but since this latest update, I noticed that my GPU utilization is never going above 20% and causing low frame rates of about 10 late in large games. Normally the rates drop when there are 100s of units on the map (try Ultimate 4v5, it's pretty epic) but I find this unusual. I also heard that SC2 is more CPU dependent than GPU.

Anyone else experience something similar? I would hope that an i7 at 4GHz can handle a game running DirectX 9...


Nov 12, 2012
I'm not having any issues with the new update and I've been doing 4v4s with tons of units on screen.
I'm running an i7 @ 3.2GHz and a single Geforce GTX 460. It seems to be performing the same as it always has.

The update did completely reset the graphics settings though, as well as add some new settings. Might want to check out some of those. Maybe it is doing something with PhysX and it doesn't work with SLI.