SB75G2 v2 Temp Issue


Jan 2, 2001
I just put together a Shuttle SB75G2 rig (specs in sig) and my temps seem really high. I idle at ~64C and I've seen it get as high as 78C under a load. The case temp as measured by MBM are range from 43-47C with ambient temps around 23C.

I've reseated the heat pipe 2 times once using AS3 and another using the goop that came with the Shuttle. Temps were unchanged each time. Any ideas? Seems way too hot and I'm concerned about what will happen in the summer when it gets warmer since I don't have any A/C in this house.
You've crammed a lot of stuff into that Shuttle, all of which generate a fair bit of heat. The Raptor array will probably be the main contributor to your nuclear oven, I know my single 36GB gets dang hot in my SB75G2.

Probably your best bet is to cut out the grill on the back behind the ICE first, and replace the fan with something with a bit more grunt. Maybe even look at getting a larger (92-120mm) fan on the outside with an adapter.
I don't know if this helps but as a reference I idle at around 42 CPU temp with an internal DVD/CD RW, HDD, 3.5 floppy drive, 2 x 500meg pc 3700 and an x800 pro...I don't know load temps yet as I just installed MBM and have farcry running in demo mode right now...(I e-mail this from my GF's laptop) (No, not literally ;)... I will let you know. Good luck. Could the fan not be sensing correctly?
I just cut the rear grill out of it. Now running about 70C under full load and about 54 idle with an ambient of 23C. I have the fan on full, though and it's kinda loud.

Anyone have a recommend on a good 80mm fan that has a good balance between sound/cfm?
heyheyhey said:
The 2 Raptors would definatly be causing this.

I'd have to agree. I had 2 SATA Seagate Baracudas in my shuttle and I removed one because it was driving temps up pretty high. These SFF cases unmodded are just too small for dual drives especially 10k's .
Cut out the grill, put two fans on the ice. blow hole didnt help me that much but the two fans sure did.

How do you do that? Make an ICE sandwich (i.e. one in the stock position and one on the outside)?


Just use 6-32 screws, find the right length for your fans (my zalmans are slim so they are around 1.5" long I think,, dont recall exactly). The screws are the same thread as the shuttle thumb screws. Just make sure both fans are the same and that they are blowing the same way (out of the case) and that they have the same voltage and you'll be fine, works wonders for me :D.

Well now I have a new problem. The audio line-out (green plug) on the back has died. I noticed when I first got it that the plug fit kinda snug, and the plug pulled out *really* hard the other day, and now no sound :(

Will Shuttle RMA just the mobo or do I have to return the entire thing? I've cut out the grill so I doubt they'll warrenty in now :(
J45p3r said:
Will Shuttle RMA just the mobo or do I have to return the entire thing? I've cut out the grill so I doubt they'll warrenty in now :(

They'll RMA just the mobo, just dont mention the modding of the actual case. You also have the option to cross-ship (which is recommended).