SATA head -> LP4 molex?


Limp Gawd
Jan 31, 2003
In Antec's infinite wisdom, they decided to start putting some SATA power heads on their power supplys instead of the normal Lp4 molex heads.

The problem is that SATA is still in baby stages and I'm not planning on picking up SATA drives anytime soon. So now I'm stuck with 2 hard drives that I don't have connectors for. I need an adapter. The problem with THAT is nobody seems to thought of making that kind of adapter. I can find plenty of these, but not one site that I've seen has a strip with a Male SATA end and a Female LP4 end.

Anyone seen one around someplace?
How about you take some of your 4-pin Molexes and use splitters? You won't make use of the Serial ATA connectors, but it makes no difference to the power supply anyways.