Ryzen 3950X voltage


Nov 27, 2018
Hi Everyone.

Hoping someone more educated than me could help to answer my concern regarding 3950x and voltage.

So did gave it a try to overclock my 3950x by CCX. Ended up running 2 chip lets at 4.4ghz and rest of the two at 4.250ghz @1.3v not reaching over 75c under max load.

I did read a lot of horror stories about ryzen CPU degradation .But could not find anywhere direct answer about it.
So wanted to find out how much of it is true. And what risk I am taking running it at 1.3-1.325v for daily use.

Apologies for grammar mistakes as English is my 3rd language .


Mar 28, 2010
I would honestly let the chip determine the boost frequencies.


Limp Gawd
Jul 11, 2004
I could only get to 42.25 multiplier on auto voltage with all chips for my 3950x. I am too worried about boosting voltage. Haven't had any problems or noticed degradation,

Try water cooling. I have tried the 280mm and a 360mm radiator. Both are similar with the 360 about 1C difference. I went with the Be Quiet Pure Loop from Newegg.


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Apr 13, 2015
First, the safe voltage is going to vary from chip to chip. The way to find your CPU's max safe voltage is to enable PBO in the bios, start Prime95 with a custom 128K FFT setting and let it run for a few minutes. The CPU should quickly get hot. Open HWInfo and look at the CPU Core Voltage SVI2 TFN value. That's the max voltage you want to hit under 100% load.

Now, you can set a higher vcore voltage in your bios than what you saw in SVI2 TFN. You can do this because voltages droop under load. Adjust your static voltage and the LLC setting until you achieve the same voltage under load as you observed in the Prime95 128k FFT / PBO test. Then adjust clock speeds to achieve stability based on safe voltages. This is how I've gone about Zen 2 overclocking.

One large variable in your overclocking result is how new the chip is. For example I have an old 3600, from the time of Zen 2 release. This chip has a max safe voltage of 1.225. The result is a pretty crap all core overclock. One CCX runs at 3.9GHz, and the other at 3.875GHz. Any faster clock speeds require voltages that go above the safe level for the chip. It is water cooled and max load temps don't even hit 60C, so there's nothing I can do to make it clock higher. It is what it is.

In contrast, I bought a 3600 last weekend and this chip is an absolute monster. I've settled on an all core 4.025GHz overclock with just 1.075V. The old 3600 probably won't even boot into windows at stock speeds with that voltage. Part of this is the fabled silicon lottery, but the quality of Zen 2 CPUs has gotten much better since launch.


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