RX 480 Trifire / Quadfire tests?


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May 20, 2011
This is of purely academic interest, but have there been any proper tests done with 3x and 4x RX 480 GPUs? A quick Google brings up comments about 3x working but also excessive power draw from the motherboard and burned out motherboard sound chips.
Quad fire? More like house fire.

You might as well get a 1080 TI if you want to tri fire or quad fire mid range cards.

I have the cards to perform the test, but I don't have a mobo that can do beyond 2 way.
Back in the day, three-way was supposed to have less micro-stutter and be smoother.

Trifire looks more broken than crossfire.


So we have data on the RX480 crossfire from [H] that the frametimes are not desirable. We have data from last gen's flagship that trifire is worse than crossfire. I would expect Vega to make this problem worse as it's more powerful... But a single card should fulfill 95% of cases anyways.
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Interesting. I can't find a single review either.

In any case, it would be purely academic, as for the same price you could get a 1080 Ti and get better performance in the many games that don't scale to multi-GPU.