Rugged secondary camera redux

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Jan 14, 2004
Last time this was asked seems to be 2012.

Heading somewhere with warm water and sandy beaches for 30th anniversary vacation. Want a waterproof camera for the snorkeling. Nikon W300 (or one of the older remaining in-stock W130's for a bit cheaper) or Olympus TG-5.... Any of you guys got opinions? Nikon, based on user reviews, seems to have the least trouble free and reliable "auto" operation. But the TG-5 saves RAW files, which I really like. Anyone have any experience with either?

Darkhorse is Ricoh (nee pentax) WG-50, though its older sensor and lack of optical IS gives me pause.

Any feedback/info/experiences?

(reference point - my regular kit is Canon 70D with 24-100L and 100-400L)



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Sep 24, 2001
EDIT: Hrmmmm I seem to have interpreted your desire for a waterproof cam with that of an action cam. Well, these options probably won't suit you then. But I'll leave up the post just so you have the info if you decide to go the video route (which I actually might suggest! Video will immerse your audience in ways that photo can't, especially underwater, giving a greater feeling of "being there").

Action cams have the useful distinction of being small amount can be mounted anywhere. Like a head, wrist, or chest; giving a unique view without having to spend a huge amount of time operating. So I'd say it's still a suggestion, albeit not necessarily what you were originally looking for.

<My original post is as follows>

Do you care about things like what systems are available for it?

GoPro sorta wins because it has the biggest ecosystem. The Hero 5 Black and Session are both waterproof without the need for housing up to 30 meters.
The fisheye look sucks, but it actually also has a rectilinear option which crops the sensor. I personally think it's a worthy compromise for an action cam with that many features. (4k, in body digital IS, water proof, basically indestructible housing, has big ecosystem, has tons of stabilizers and etc available for it). The downside is that linear mode drops it to 2.7k, but that is plenty of resolution to up res to 4k. The other option of course is to shoot in 4k and deal with the fisheye in post (which I think is more dicey than simply trying to upres 2.7k content to 4k if you need it, but that's personal preference).

If you want better quality optics and are okay with 'only' 1080p, then Sony has a new action Cam, the RX0.
The big reasons to go with that are the massive sensor size (compared to other action cams at 1") and the ability to shoot 240fps at 'nearly' 1080p for some fun ultra slow-mo. Waterproof up to 33 feet, more with a case. Crush proof. 15MP camera. 16 FPS burst. Shutter speed maxes at 1/32000. Shoots RAW (stills). Shoots in S-Log 2 (video).
Technically, according to Sony, it can record 4k externally, but who is going to have the time or the inclination to do that on an action cam? Unfortunately Sony missed the boat on that part.
The downside? Waaaaay more expensive at $700 a pop. At this cost you could basically buy two GoPros, or one GoPro and a gimbal with a bunch of other stuff. But it should have better visual fidelity
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