RTX and AI image processing

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    A friend of mine wrote this about RTX as whole.

    "If you're skeptical as a gamer about the benefits of RTX, I get you. The differences are getting ever more subtle as we get closer and closer to photoreal graphics. You can have all your same old arguments about benchmarks and dollars. But at least appreciate that developers and artists who work to make the games you play look their best have much to be excited about with this direction forward in computer graphics. And when you buy art, it's a two-way street. Sure, the customer's the one paying, but the artist has to feel the work was worthwhile as well. If you tell the artist, "No, don't use those paints, they're too expensive", they might just lose their investment in wanting to make good art for you. Even if you can't afford them right now, at least keep the artists happy by promising you'll pay for them when you can.

    And if your bread is buttered by benchmark comparisons, tweaking settings, turning features on and off, arguing over who has the higher FPS, know that your days may well be numbered. With the move to ray tracing, games will be increasingly be able to target a true fixed frame-rate, variable quality pipeline, where the only thing that matters is how many rays can be cast before the next frame needs to be rendered. The more powerful your hardware, the more rays, the higher your fidelity. The less powerful your hardware, the fewer rays, and things might be a little fuzzier, but still look good and run smoothly. Instead of benchmarks, you'll be comparing graphics cards like a photographer would, with side-by-side fine detail close-ups from different cards to see which produces the clearest picture.

    That is the future that NVIDIA is pushing, and you can either be with the artists, or against them. Which will you choose?"
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    I like this a lot. I'm sure game developers and artists are excited for a new tool to make games even more real. It's sad that people are quick to judge without all the facts.

    Ray-tracing is the holy grail of computer graphics, and I think in the next few months everyone will agree what an amazing breakthrough it really is.
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    Oct 24, 2014
    I'm excited that's for sure. I was highly impressed with the BF5 video.
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    After seeing what RT offered in a few of the upcoming game demos I was sold. I was a big fan before but the realism that is added way greater than high poly models at this point.
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