Rog Strix X470-F Gaming Issues


Limp Gawd
Sep 19, 2012
I had to RMA my Motherboard because it was acting funny. It was replaced and Asus sent me a motherboard with physical damage. I sent it back and they sent me another unit that didn't work properly. So, I am RMA'ing again...but I am kind of out of love with ASUS. I am considering just getting a new board and selling the replacement board when it comes. If I was going to do a lateral move or move up one level, which motherboard would you recommend for a 3900x? There are so many options and I find it hard to make a decision.
I run a MSI x470x Gaming Plus since Aug 2019 with updated flash's along the way just for my 3700x and it's been wonderful but the power stages for that board may not be best for a 3900x .. so I would look at the B550 Tomahawk by MSI as it had some of the best reviews for the power stages and keeping them cool .

Also , I run a MSI B350m Gaming Pro from 2017 flashed with the $85 1600 AF with memory speed set in XMP Profile 1 @ 3333Mhz on 3600Mhz dims and very stable .. I have a MSI B550m Mortar with a Ryzen 3100 on it but it's just waiting for a good deal on a bigger chip like your 3900x ..

I have had good luck with MSI after learning to flash the boards and here some video's to watch on the temps with a 3950x overclocked to 4.3Ghz