Review Requests!


Limpness Supreme
Feb 8, 2005
I recall someone mentioning something about the lack of a full-time full-system reviewer, so I'm not expecting it any time soon, but I would appreciate reviews from the following manufacturers:

Falcon Northwest
Dell (XPS series)

I've got a friend with more cash than brains, and I'm trying to teach him the inner workings of computers, but for the time being, he'd rather purchase a prebuilt machine. (Apparently his Alienware just isn't cutting it these days. He actually noticed stuttering with Doom3 recently... The bastard...)

Also, I, too, believe you should re-review another VM system. Make it a point to order every machine you review anonymously :). It would be nice to have you build the exact same system out yourself, and run it side-by-side... But let's face it, nobody's made of money.

Good job on the reviews so far. I'm always mentioning the [H] to my friends, and it's easy to see why.