Retrofit a X99 supremacy block on 1700?


Jul 24, 2021
I have a very nice supremacy x99 block that I wanna try to retrofit onto a 1700 12700kf that I have laying around.
What do I need? Just a 1700 backplate to mod?
Has anyone done this? Anything else I would need ?
If the holes don't line up on the backplate I might be able to mod the backplate right? Assuming it has enough surface area?
It's just not worth me buying another waterblock (don't suggest me to buy a 1700 block) this is for fun plus I have spare parts I wanna play with.
Any suggestions?
First check to see if you can mod the top bracket to line up with socket 1700 mounting holes. If yes, then a solid backplate should be easy to source from pretty much any block or heatsink that came with one. Then you just need the hardware.
or modding the holes on the block might be enough, the difference is 2mm, if z height is the same...