Retro time, beige time, VooDoo2 SLI time!!!!


Jan 28, 2002
I know the [H] isn't the forum for retro, but considering I was able to complete it with the help of a fellow [H]'er I'm gonna post it here too. After tossing in the towel on trying to resurect my old PA-2013 and K6-3+ I wound up with this!

Abit BE6-II v2 with a PIII 800 and 384MB PC133 with the following:
1. TNT2 Pro overclocked of course from 125/150 to 160/170 by way of a bios mod/flash.
2. 3com nic
3. 2 matching STB VooDoo II's in SLI (the final piece of the puzzle)
4. CL AWE64

This is installed in the case that my K6 build was originally built in some 20 years ago with a couple of 80GB WD HDDs and DVD drive. Of course it's running 98se and it's Glide time!