Retired warehouse computer to HTPC


Limp Gawd
Dec 8, 2011
A few months ago a friend offered me a computer that his company had no need for anymore, Offered it to me for just the price of shipping. It was a Lenovo Thinkcentre MM800 SFF.

In it was an i5 6400, 24gb ram, 250w power supply, slim dvd drive, For security or privacy reasons it did not have an OS drive but my friend packed in a brand new Samsung Pro 850 500gb ssd(I put that into my main rig and placed into the lenovo a 250gb ssd. Did not know if a Windows 10 key would be baked into the motherboard, but upon using my win10 install usb stick, pro auto installed and activated. I then placed in a Western Digital Red 4tb drive I had got in a WD my home cloud enclosure which I thought I could use as a plex server with it built in, but was unhappy with it and the search for a computer to be my HTPC began from that. Also popped in an MSI GT 710 since the only outputs on the Lenovo are display port and I only have HDMI on my tv.

I also had a slim Bluray drive from an old laptop that I parted out of it but sadly it was too thick to fit into the sff case(12.7mm), Found a cheap brand new Panasonic 9.5mm slot bluray drive and it arrived today, it went in with no problems, played a bluray to confirm I didnt get ripped off since the drive only cost me $26 on ebay(the process was a little sketchy since the seller didnt have any recent seller feedback and a few negatives in last 12 months.) The drive didnt come with a bezel and now I am waiting for the only ebay listed(at the time of last week) slim odd slot load bezel to arrive from china possibly a month from now, This is like the most expensive strip of plastic I have ever bought.


This thing is my primary bluray player as well as plex server, with an occasional bluray ripping and since it only has room for 1 3.5in hdd, the search will be on for a larger capacity drive in the future. Thanks for looking!