Resurrected X-Qpack


Oct 24, 2004
Reused and updated an old X-Qpack from 2005. It is a quiet gaming rig for my son:

Mobo: EVGA Z68 SLI Micro
CPU: i5 2500
Heatsink: Scythe Big Shuriken 2 (replaced the 120mm x 15mm fan with a Scythe 120mm x 25mm PWM fan)
Case fan: 120mm x 25mm NB PL-PS PWM fan
Memory: 8gb Corsair DDR3 Vengeance LP
GPU: Gigabyte GTX 560
PSU: Nexus 530w NX-5000 R3
DVD: Plextor PX-L890SA
HDD: 500gb 5400rpm SATA (reused from an external travel drive)
OS: Windows 7 Pro

The case is wrapped in Hexis 3D Carbon Fiber. This also helps reduce vibration and resonance from the aluminum case cover::

Close up of front panel:

I cut an intake vent for the PSU which I mounted upside down:

Close up of the PSU intake vent:

I removed the plastic window and installed a mesh panel:

I cut a small window on the other side to help draw cool air to the CPU:

Originally I wanted to use hex bolts, but as space is tight, I used HVAC tape to secure the mesh panels:
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