Res issue with a old RAGE GL 128

Tony Montana

Sep 11, 2001
I just set up a old 2k pc connected through Synergy with the same monitor Samsung syncmaster 1440x900 its using the VGA analog output. its just a setup so when i have to download something over night i can download it using the really quitet pc. I added an old TV Tuner Rage 128 vid card i had.. I got the driver from driver guide because i couldnt find it on the ati/amd website.. But i cant seem to set the res to 1440x900 it only does the standard sizes it goes up to only 1280.. Its not a big deal since im really not going to be doing anything on it be id like to see if i can resolve this issue.. A-side from getting the "newest" driver i cant really think of what might be doing this.. could it be this card is way too told to even support that wide screen res? thanks plls