Report: AMD Socket AM4 Compatible with Existing AM2/AM3 Coolers


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Apr 10, 2003
Report: AMD Socket AM4 Compatible with Existing AM2/AM3 Coolers.
Report: AMD Socket AM4 Compatible with Existing AM2/AM3 Coolers | PC Perspective

Answering a customer question on Facebook, a Thermalright representative responded (translated):

"For all AMD fans, we have good news. As we advance AMD has assured the new AM4 processors and motherboards are put on the usual base-fixing, which is standard for AM2. To follow all the Thermalright coolers are used on the Zen processors without additional accessories!"

It shall live on! Damn I was about to order an Intel motherboard this morning. For science.


That's a mixed blessing

The bracket on my current Zalman tower allows it to rotate a bit parallel to the AM3 socket. Not rally a big deal since I don't mess with it very much but one less excuse to get a new one during my next upgrade
Not surprising given they just redesigned the stock cooler near the end of AM3's life cycle. Why put more R/D into something like that when they are already hurting? They've probably already purchased a few million of those coolers by now to get the bulk discounts. Smart move by AMD.
This is off-topic, but AM1 parts are expected to have no future, correct?
Supposedly everything from now on is AM4?

Not to sure on what memory controller is supported on new chips if there is no DDR3 controlller then it won't have any future ...
Bet you can modify the old brackets.. hell, I'm using a 939 cooler on 1151! Thanks Noctua for making an obscure mounting kit available separately... that's why I buy Noctua for new builds now!