Replacement all-in one NAS/VM Server

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    I am currently running an old school HP Micro Server NL-40 4 bay server with 5x1TB HDDs on a pretty old Freenas build. I run a Windows 7 Pro build that used to server as my HTPC+Plex and Mics hosting duties. Simple Dual Core Celeron Haswel Generation and 8GB of ram. Both work just fine still but I am running out of room and I would like to consolidate. So I building my own vs buying a pre-build was no brainer. I wanted flexibility plus room to grow drive wise and some decent power. My total was 685$ before drives. If Q-NAP or Snyology can offer anything close to this with the core count, memory, and CPU point me to it. Otherwise anyone have tweaks or suggestions. No Rack mount cases as this will sit on a shelf in my garage

    Case: Silverstone DS380B 149$ (8 3.5 bays + 4 2.5)
    PowerSupply: SilverStone ST30SF v2 300W 50$
    Motherboard: ASRock C236 WSI Mini ITX Server 200$
    CPU: Intel Xeon E3-1235L 25watt 4 core 8MB L3 cache 80-85$ Ebay(China lots of sellers don't mind shipping times)
    CPU Cooler: Noctua Low-Profile NH-L9l 40$
    Memory: Kingston 16GB KVR21N15D8/16 150$ (room to add another 16GB dimm down the line)
    Extra Network Card: Dell Intel Pro/1000ET Quad Port Pci-e 20$ Ebay
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