Recommended Case - putting in cabinet?


Limp Gawd
Feb 2, 2009
I have an old case that was used in on a TV entertainment center open faced cabinet for some time but I'm looking to transfer the HTPC as well as some other home network components into a cabinet.

So my first question is - are there recommendations for a case for an ATX Mobo and...I think I have 3 drives. I believe the cabinet is 15" or so deep max but is quite a bit wider. I looked and saw a few cases out there but figured you all have a lot of expertise so you could give recommendations.

Second question - I'm definitely going to have holes in the back of the cabinet for cabling. Besides the HTPC, I expect to have maybe my cable modem & wireless router & a switch, plus we were hoping to use the cabinet for a charging area for phones. Should I plan for ventilation now, or just see how things go as I add components in? And if I need some ventilation, any suggestions?