Reccomend me a Watercooling setup


Aug 4, 2003

I'm thinking about going Watercooled this summer for my case, and was wondering what the best setup would be for around $200. I want it to be VERY silent, and get nice temperature (duh). I have an X-SuperAlien case with lots of room. My setup is:

ATI 9800 pro
500w power supply
X-SuperAlien case
Kingston PC4000 HyperX
A good Fulltower, you won't have any trouble getting all the parts necessary in there.

It looks like your radiator chocies will be limited (for fitting inside)

that hardrive rack in the lwoer front won't allow you to have any nice sizes heatercores laying there.

I'd advise finding a heatercore, or a prefab radiator to fit i nthe top of your case, idealy a 2x 120mm design and get rid of that current top fan. (I hope you are willing to do some case cutting)

if you cna't get anything to fit up there try a 120mm single fan designed rad, like a black ice pro (I use this)
Use one 120mm fan pulling air through the radiator. get a rheobus for that fan also.

then all you need is some good tubing, clearflex 60 or tygon, Go 1/2" ID for everything.

a small res might be fine or go with a T-line.

an eheim 1250 would be advisable for first time.

try a maze4 or somthing like it for your first time to save some money.

look at d-tek and dangerden for items.