Reccomend me a heater core!


Mar 17, 2004
Ok, ive decided (with much influcence of this forum) that a heater core that could house 1 or 2 120 mm fans would be better than any radiator.

So, since you guys know so much, what heater core should I get, how should I mount it ,will it be compatible with 1/2" id tubing, and where should I get it?

Im just scared that it will be to hard for me to cut holes in my case and mount the heater core.

Please reassure me that it isnt as difficult as it seems.

I plan on mounting it on the top of my case.

Pics of my case:


Thanks for the help in advance!

Edit: These are old pics, I have cleaned up the mess inside my box substantially!
Originally posted by Demonfire
Will the shrouds signifcantly imrove temps?

Significantly? No. Will they help airflow and noise and temps a little bit? Yes.

You can always make your own shrouds too out of cardboard, aluminum, etc... pretty easilly so you dont have to shell out 14$ for a dangerden one.