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The Cobra

Jun 19, 2003
Hi everyone, I serve as as Dir of IT (really glorified 8 gofer position rolled into one with a fancy title and decent pay) for a private school/church in the Tampa Bay area. With all the covid stuff happening the church obviously decided to go online for their Sunday service. We setup a simple 1080p webcam and focused it on the front of the church where service is actually held. We stream on YouTube and it is good in a pinch. The Padre wants to expand on that. He would like three more HD cams placed at different areas of the church for all Sunday services from here on out. Basically, better production with stereo and HD 1080p. Our security company is willing to donate four very nice HD cams to us for the broadcast purpose. These cameras can either be wired or wireless and can work with any type of video system. They are also based on Open-IP meaning most video production software can capture them for broadcast use and software can utilize them. We have a 500 meg fiber pipe (Spectrum) to the campus where 300mb goes to the school 50mb goes to the PreK campus and 150mb goes to the church all connected via sophos xg firewalls. We have 6 wireless networks at the school/church...visitors, employees, volunteers, Sunday services, et cetera...All campuses are connected via firewalls to allow traffic in and out. As IT Dir, I have access to all three networks but we segment the connection between the church and the schools for security purposes. Our internal network are all HP Procurve switches of varying degrees (1GB min) and all connected via fiber in all the buildings. (Yes, I've been busy rewiring the school campus) SO I am not concerned about internal traffic.

Our objective is to broadcast still because we are going to be practicing the social distance stuff for a while. Here is the deal. I can connect all this stuff up to my network at the church wired or wireless but I need a piece of software to interface all of this to allow the folks who actually broadcast the service to control the different camera angles. I am a bit out of touch with all the twitch and broadcasting of such stuff other than you need a pretty decent PC to handle the video (Don't worry, I am going to use one of our 16 core AMD/32GB RAM workstations with my Vega Frontier Edition card that I will donate. So all in all I need software that can potentially control/switch between cameras and broadcast on YouTube.

Can ya help a fella out who is a bit behind on how to broadcast live with multiple feeds? I just want to be able to set it and forget it.The Budget cna be expadable as long as the software can last a while. I suport 650 kids and a staff of 120 by myself. I need the church video to be self sufficient.

Thanks [H] in advanced :)
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Limp Gawd
Jan 16, 2015
Try obs studio it's free and there is lots of guides on how to use it and yes it can be set it and forget it once u have it all set up it works well if you are live streaming to YouTube, twitch, mixer, Facebook or a custom stream