RAID 1 NAS question


Jul 29, 2004
If I am running RAID 1 in a NAS, if I take out one of the drives and hook it up in a PC would it be able to see the data?

I wan't sure if it would see the data or if RAID 1 had configuration data on the front of the drive that would require a reformat once out of the NAS.

If it would not work out of the NAS, is there a standard method for redundant data that doesn't rely on getting an identical controler in case of a controller failure?


Feb 16, 2010
The 'raid configuration data' is located in one sector at the end of the drive (the last visible sector). This should not interfere with the device being detected as a single drive without RAID if you take it out of the NAS and connect it to a non-RAID controller on Windows.

Please do not connect both RAID1 disks at the same time; Windows would be confused seeing two filesystems with the same unique identifier. I heard reports it will hide both drives in that case. Just take one drive out and connect to a non-RAID controller (IMPORTANT!). Non-RAID means AHCI or IDE; use your onboard controller not some Silicon Image/JMicron/Promise chip those only work in RAID mode and likely will overwrite the metasector or hang when trying to interpret it (like happens often with Silicon Image).