Questions regarding LG 32MU99-W (or the 32UD99)

duh FooL

Aug 29, 2005
I wasn't able to find much about 32MU99-W and usually, 32UD99-W would pop up.
Anyone out there with these monitors.

From what I can tell, the MU is supposed to be the commercial version of the UD, but one review on Amazon mentioned the UD was newer and brighter (550 vs. 350)
Based on LG's web pages, I can't believe it's actually brighter, but just a difference in marketing.

I'm leaning on pulling the trigger on the MU, since I found it for under $800 and it comes with a 3 year warranty.

Would love to get some feedback on any current owners.

I don't mind the 60fps at the moment, since I tend to play solo RPG or MMO games.
Running it with a 1080Ti.