Feb 28, 2007
I've got a questune' to ask of the WC'ing members of the best DCing team on the Internet, the free and unfree World or the known Universe (even better than R2D2's folding team), the mighty [H]orde team 33. (of which I just happen to be a member of :D)

Here goes......, if I happened to get a GTS250 card instead of maybe the more intelligent move, a GTX260 card and the GTS250, besides being short SP's (216 vs 128), is a cooler running card and has less of a power requirement (good for us po' folk with PSU's around 700w's) After getting said GTS250 is there a unisink type all in one heat sink for the GTS200 series or should I try and use the 9800GTX+ unisink (there seems to be plenty for the GTX200 series cards) I read where the GTS250 with 1 MB RAM had a shorter PCB board than the GTS250 w/512 RAM and the 9800GTX+ 512 MB PCB board. AFAIK, nVIDIA never released a 1 MB 9800GTX+ (I'm lazy and I ain't too cool with stick on passive heat sinks) :confused:

Thanks for any and all replys. Just gettin' ready to help the mighty [H]orde blitz through the Chimp Challenge. ;)

DCing for the CURE