Question on connecting NZXT Z73 AIO to Fan Headers


Limp Gawd
Jul 10, 2007
Questions on installing an NZXT Z73 AIO.

I'm installing 6 Lian-Li Unifans set in push/pull (1 group of 3 on top of the rad and 1 group of 3 on the bottom). The instructions for the NZXT tell you to use their "Breakout" cable which is just a big splitter where one connection goes into a Mobo CPU_FAN or AIO_FAN fan header, another goes into the pump, and the other end splits off into 3 4-Pin fan connections. The manual wants you to plug your fans into that breakout cable, and then plug the breakout cable into the pump and a mobo header. I'm guessing the benefit here is that all of the fans are sync'd up on the rad.

However, motherboard specs show 1 Amp for either of the fan headers on the Mobo and the Fans are .18 Amps a piece. I don't think I should connect all 6 fans via a splitter into one Mobo Header as that would be just a hair over 1 amp. It seems like a bad idea to run it out to max spec like that if I don't need to.

Would it be a better idea to plug just one of the 3-fan push/pull sets into the breakout cable (which then plugs into the CPU_FAN or AIO_FAN header) and then plug the other 3-fan push/pull set directly into the remaining Mobo header - either CPU_FAN or AIO_FAN)? That would be only .54 amps per header. The downside would be that maybe I can't sync the two 3-fan sets up right and then might cause turbulence and inefficient cooling as the differing airflow speeds buffet against one another?

If the better way to do it is install all fans into the breakout cable, and then the breakout cable into a fan header on the mobo - which is better to use on my Asus mobo? Should I use the CPU_FAN or the AIO_FAN?

If the better way to do it is to use the 2nd option and put 3 fans on the breakout cable and then 3 fans into the remaining mobo header - which header should I use for the breakout cable, CPU_FAN or AIO_FAN? And which header should I use for the other set of 3 fans, CPU_FAN or AIO_FAN? Also, if this is the better way to do it - How do you recommend syncing the fans on the breakout cable up with the fans on the mobo header so they all spool up and down together and their RPM is in sync?