Question for Dataplex-based Corsair caching-SSD users


[H]F Junkie
Feb 5, 2012
Is your Corsair Accelerator or what have you Dataplex-based SSD drive still caching?

I just installed the latest Nvelo update (v1.3.0.0), as even before that update as on v1.2.0.4 my system seemed to be running off HDD only lately. Dataplex Status claims "Status= Enabled!!!"...however in bootup, and just about everything else is HDD thrash city even after several reboots and power offs. Which is strange, as after the install the 2nd reboot (where the drive starts having the the OS cached) was the fast load it should be....and since then it is back to HDD-thrash slow city.

Any clues? Dying SSD? Only thing I've changed in my OS config is that all network data goes through a VPN client once the OS is loaded....otherwise in hardware I haven't changed anything since I added the Corsair back in August. System is in sig.