Question for 5960X Owners

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    Nov 18, 2016
    Hi all,

    What scores are ya'll getting in the Cinebench R15 Single Threaded test on your overclocked 5960X CPUs? (Particularly somewhere between 4.3ghz and 4.6ghz+)

    I'm curious how they compare to my 6800k which doesn't clock well past 4.1ghz. Also, I am curious how they line up against Ryzen.

    Most of the old 5960X reviews run Cinebench 11.5 which makes it hard to gauge performance vs. newer CPUs.

    If anyone is running a 5960X overclocked, I would be most appreciative if you could share your single threaded scores along with what clock you are running at.

    I may look to upgrade to a 5960x sometime in the next couple of years if its single threaded performance can still edge out what Ryzen offers.

    I realize wisdom would suggest switching over to Ryzen, but I'm particularly attached to my X99 ITX board.

    Many thanks!
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    Dec 14, 2007
    Using the Cinebench R15 ranking page for single thread & simple math based on the results available....

    At 4.4Ghz for example, you should expect a single thread score of about 130-132.

    (basically take the Ghz rating you want. Ie: 4.4 - and multiply it by 24.75, and you get your number)
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