Question about Thunderbolt & USB-C Docks


Oct 8, 2008
Hello together - Maybe someone can help me with a question/issue I have.

I use a Lenovo ThinkPad E495 (AMD Ryzen) Notebook which has an USB-C port. With this I use a Lenovo Thinkpad USB-C Gen 2 Docking station which works fine.
Now I try to do the same with my work notebook - It is a HP Elitebook G6, which has a Thunderbolt Type-C Port. The Lenovo docking station works fine for power, ethernet, usb, sound... but NOT with the displays!

I have tried setting up the BIOS (Thunderbolt Mode off, Alt Mode, etc.). I have updated the firmware of the Thinkpad USB-C Dock, installed and/or updated all drivers on the HP site. Nothing seems to work. The HP wont send video signal over the USB-C, since it seems to keep running in thunderbolt mode.
So far... so good. Now I have tried an universal USB-C docking station - Which again runs just fine with my AMD powered E495. BUt the same issue persists with the Elitebook G6 and its Thunderbolt.

Any ideas?
It seems Thunderbolt just wont let DIsplays run over USB-C docks, but (tested at work) over thunderbolt docks. It makes no sense to me... Someone ideas or is it how it is?
Btw.: I ordered an USB-C to Displayport Adapter just now and will try, if it works at all... Google results are not promissing on this :D

According to information you can find (eg. ) it should be compatible:
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It just feels like a software limiation on the intel/hp site.
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Jul 6, 2005
I had to explicitly do bios and thunderbolt firmware to get it to work on my 2015 xps13.

Check if there's updates and bios settings