Question about socket mounts


Sep 18, 2006
I have an ASUS A8n SLI Premium socket 939 motherboard. I have an AMD 3500+ on it that I got OEM with no HSF so I put a coolermaster HSF (two prong clip). My question is about the mounts for the HSF. On this cooler, it has the two metal holes that fit around the two plastic black things that stick out on the mount. It's on both sides and you clip one side on and then the other and then pull the tab and snap it into place. Right ok we all know this.
However, I got another 3500+ retail for real cheap so I picked it up to start building another machine with the same type motherboard, the asus a8n sli and this motherboard also has the 2 prong socket mount, however the HSF that comes with the processor is a single clip mount. So...WTF? I haven't even tried putting it on there yet, so don't get me wrong. I'm not saying it's not possible. Just wondering...WTF? Is it possible?

I'm looking at buying an x2 4400 toledo and I want to make sure the stock HSF is going to fit on this mobo!