Question about my CPU temp!!


Jan 31, 2004
I was wondering if 46 degrees celcius is a good tempature for an athlon xp 2400 running @ 2.0ghz? Should I be making efforts to decrease the tempature?

Also - is adding more fans to the case good for overclocking the athlon 2400 or do i have to do something like watercooling?

I want to at least overclock it to 2.5ghz!
It's good, but not great. It's certainly not dangerous. I'm currently at 42 - 45 idle, but my fans are on a very low speed, when I stick em at top whack, I can usually get down to 36ish.

When I first started to OC this one, it seems to freeze at about 52 degrees, bear this in mind, and try to keep below around 48.

Sorry to say this, but I don't think you will get to 2.5ghz. the most i can get partially stable is 2.4. I can post at 2.5, but I need more voltage, and when I select even a tiny bit more than 1.85v, it reboots etc.

good luck ;)
good luck on getting 2.5ghz...
I got 2.6ghz w/ voltages at 2.2v with my 2400 :)
I just upped my voltage to about 1.85 and the system is pretty stable. But it weird cause the CPU frequency hasn't change. It is still @ 2.0ghz

Is it something i forgot to change in the bios to overclock it? Cause just changing the voltage isn't doin the trick.

Plus it is runnin at a temp of 54 degrees. Yeah thats pretty hot, gonna definetly have to get more/better/faster fans.
You have alot to to learn before you do any serious overclocking. The voltage has nothing to do with raising the frequency of your cpu. You need to adjust the FSB to change the frequency, and the voltage is just to make it stable because the cpu will be drawing more power.
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and the multiplier ;)

Unless you're running Prime, most programs will benefit from the increased FSB more than a higher mult. ;)