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Hey guys, a little curious about my 3dmark as it seems low.
with the system in my sig, i score about 15300 in 2001se, and around 5300 or so in 03. i leave it on performance options and i still get this. i see other people with lower specs that score higher. any ideas?
Which drivers are you running? I score higher than that with my Ti4600 so there is definately something wrong. I suggest you do a reinstall of your drivers. Newer Cats or Omegas than what you have may help. Also did you upgrade your card from something else? You should be getting 17-18k at least.
actually i did upgrade from a crappy fx 5600 ultra that i orignally purchased, but i swapped it out. do you think formatting will fix it?
Personally I always format after installing new hardware (cept memory and sound cards n junk). Go here and once everything is uninstalled, reinstall your vid dirvers. Try cat first then omegas. See if that helps you.
My first thought is that you should be around 17k, too. What kind of timings/ratio are you running? Tight timings can make a fairly large difference.
He solved his own problem. Yes format your pc or do a good sweep of the system for Nvidia drivers. Those will cause a huge break in speed for your card, they conflict with the ati drivers. You should see a huge improvement and be very pleased with your card.