question about headphone/mic sets & games...


Jan 29, 2001
i used to have 3 boxes lined up along one wall in my apartment that was my own mini-LAN center where friends and i could play CS or BF1942 etc within a few feet of each other.

now that i've moved to a different spot, that isn't as feasible, so the boxes have been split up into separate rooms.

i want to get a few sets of headphone/ mic packages like these here...


my question: do sets like these come with an app that runs on the box for muting, or adjusting chat features, or do they rely on the game itself to handle that? i know DoD has support, but what about games like frozen throne (warcraft) or moonbase commander etc...?

is an app part of the package, or do i need to use netmeeting or something? i already have mics and speakers, but i want something more along the lines of "xbox live communicators in my house"...

make sense?

edit: a bit more info... i've tried battlecom, and rogerwilco etc, but they never seemed to work too good, even over a LAN... i seriously found that netmeeting (start > run > "conf.exe") was the best one, but it's pretty lame too... if there's a set that comes with an app like this, but costs extra, please hit me with a link.... the end result is worth more than saving a few bucks... thx.