Quest2 stuttering while casting


Dec 16, 2015
I'm new to the VR game and still slightly overwhelmed by the immersion. I've only had the Quest2 for about 3 weeks, but I recently started noticing stuttering in VR when using casting. I'm not 100% sure if it has been happening the whole time, as I may have just not noticed it at first. I made sure to take any PCVR issues out of the equation by testing with Quest native content. Even in the Quest home environment it's buttery smooth at first, but as soon as I start casting I can notice stuttering and visual artifacts as I move around. I expect to see the casted image stutter from time to time, but I'm surprised to see this stuttering happening within the headset. Is this to be expected, are others experiencing this, or should I see about replacing the headset before my return policy is up? I've also upgraded my router to a Wifi6 model which sits in the same room and confirmed the headset is connecting at a steady 1200Mbps. I've tried casting to a gigabit hardwired TV, PC, and iPhone which all cause the same issues for the user of the headset.