Q6600 TIM aplication


Feb 28, 2007
I've got a question. I have a Appogee GT WB that's been "bowed" with the larger "O" ring. What I need to know is how is the best way to apply TIM (AS5) on a slightly OC'ed Q6600 G0 cpu. (24/7 folder, stock vcore) :rolleyes:

Do you use the one line in the middle method, the two lines parallel method, the credit card spreading it all over the cpu HS method, the "pea" in the middle method or maybe two peas (garden peas, I think), the "X" method or what ???????? :confused:

I'm at a complete loss because I've always lightly twisted the HSF during installation (I have a second Q6600 wih a Zalman 9700 HSF and it rotates easily), but with the Appogee GT there doesn't seem to be enough "give" to rotate the WB hardly at all without bending or damaging the mounting screws. :(

I would seriously appreciate any imput to these questions. If it's an "old hat" question I appologise, I know and did use the search thing. I couldn't find any common application method among any posts in this forum or any common application method in any of the many Internet articles. :D

ATM I'm not having any serious overheating temperature problems, but you know how it is "always wanting cooler or faster" in the computer department. ;)



Aug 27, 2003
Go here and follow the instructions for your cpu. It doesn't matter what heatsink you are appying to your cpu, the installation instructions are the same, depending on the number of cores on your cpu, not the type of heatsink. Ideally, the mating surfaces are flat and it shouldn't matter what you are using to cool it with.